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about city

Olomouc is the historical center of Moravia. Thanks to its exceptional location, for centuries, it has been an important commercial crossroads, a spiritual metropolis, and a center of education. The city benefits from excellent transport connections to both the road and rail network.

Several top companies and institutions have their seats in the city, due to which it has been dynamically developing in recent decades. It is the regional capital, the seat of the High Court, two top hospitals, several theaters, museums, galleries, and other organizations. Palacký University plays a significant element in the life of the city. Thanks to its long history and a current focus on research and new technologies, it concentrates the talent and potential of tens of thousands of students, contributing to the youthful character of the city.

The historical town center enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage list, with its large ring of city parks and the fame of the Flora Exhibition Center attract many tourists and visitors. Olomouc has long been among the best places to live in the Czech Republic.

Basic information

  • Over 100,000 inhabitants (6th largest in the CZ)
  • Approximately 450 thousand inhabitants live in the wider agglomeration
  • Palacký University – 24,000 students
  • 71 vocational schools in Olomouc region
  • Seat of the Olomouc Region
  • Seat of the Czech High Court
  • Olomouc Archdiocese
  • Headquarters of the Regional Military of the ACR
  • Enlisted in UNESCO’s World Heritage List
  • The seat of the Moravian Theater and the Moravian Philharmonic
  • University and Military Hospital
  • Flora Olomouc Exhibition Center
  • Congress center
  • Large city parks
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